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Most sessions are typically one hour because that’s usually as long as kids have in them to do the session. However, I will never rush the session and will take as long as needed to get the job done.

newborn sessions

Newborn sessions are best done within the first 2 weeks when babies are still very sleepy. After that, the baby is more awake and also has a higher chance of developing baby acne. For the session, please be sure to have a nice comfortable temperature for your home so your baby stays nice and warm (and remember to wear something you won’t be too hot in!) since the majority of the session the baby will be wearing little to no clothes. And make sure your baby has a full belly prior to my arrival. These steps help to ensure a comfortable, happy and sleepy baby. I completely understand and expect to have to take breaks so you can feed, comfort or change the baby. Babies can be unpredictable and I’m more than happy to accommodate their needs! Most newborn session are 1.5-2.5 hours long.



$275 in Chicago, Evanston & Wilmette. Sessions that take place out of those areas are $300. This includes the time and talent of the photographer along with the time it takes to edit the photographs. 


$325 in Chicago, Evanston and Wilmette. Sessions that take place out of those areas are $350. This includes the time and talent of the photographer along with the time it takes to edit the photographs.


$150 in Chicago, Evanston & Wilmette.  Outside of those areas are $175-200 (depending on travel time/distance).

**For all kids, family & newborn sessions, you will be provided a link to a private gallery with 40 edited images. If you would like a CD or USB drive it's an additional $25.

**Headshot sessions will include a link to a private gallery with 10-15 images.



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